Call for abstracts

The seventh Mapping the Magazine (MtM) conference, to be held at Drake University, on July 27-28, 2022, invites submissions on the theme Magazines and the Moment.

While authors of accepted abstracts are encouraged to submit a full paper, it is not mandatory. Authors are welcome to submit multiple proposals.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Closed
Notification of AcceptanceClosed
Full Paper Submission July 1

Authors are invited to submit original work on the theme Magazines and the Moment. The organizers seek proposals for individual papers on topics related to magazine research from many disciplines (Media and Communication, Journalism, Critical and Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Linguistics, English, History, Visual Communication, and others). The MtM 2022 conference seeks to explore questions including but not limited to:

  • Magazine as lens: How do magazines frame a particular issue or moment? What context do magazines provide? How do magazines help readers make sense of a particular moment? 
  • Magazines and movements: How do magazines define, reflect, give voice to, and/or shape an issue of social justice or politics? What is a magazine’s relevance considering a particular cause? What approaches work to advance an issue and what approaches don’t? In a moment of heightened attention to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, what’s been the response from magazines?
  • Magazine history: What role did a particular magazine have in a past moment in time? How did that magazine define, shape, and reflect a key moment? What can we learn from a past moment and how does that shape our understanding now? 
  • Digital developments: How are magazines utilizing new platforms to offer new opportunities? What are the defining moments when print ceded ground to digital? In a crowded social media and social influencer landscape, are magazines relevant and how do they maintain or regain relevance? What technological or industry trends are influencing changes in production?
  • Emerging trends and steadfast practices: How do we define “magazine” in this moment? How have various platforms expanded or diluted the role of magazines? What is the relevance of the “traditional” print magazine? How has the changing landscape of magazine distribution impacted the industry, readership, and magazines themselves? What are the ethical implications of various magazine trends?
  • Magazine readership: Who reads magazines and why? What roles do readers play in the evolution of magazines and on magazines in this moment? What impact do magazines have on their audiences? 
  • Magazine content: As other media types increasingly adopt some features of magazines and their content, what does this mean for magazines in this moment? What is considered worthy of coverage? What content trends are noteworthy? How have the constructions of race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other social identifiers changed in magazine content? 
  • Magazine business models: What impact has decreasing ad revenue had on magazines? From advertorials to native advertising to brand media, have editorial and advertising converged, and what are the ethical implications and other impacts for audiences and magazine journalists? What business models work in a particular moment and why?

Papers dealing with other topics and themes are equally welcome, and Mapping the Magazine encourages a multidisciplinary approach, as well as theoretical and/or empirical perspectives.

“Mapping the Magazine” is a series of conferences established by Tim Holmes of Cardiff University. The seventh conference is sponsored by the E.T. Meredith Center for Magazine Studies at Drake University and the Drake University School of Journalism & Mass Communication. 

The Mapping the Magazine conferences aim to serve as intimate and meaningful gatherings of magazine scholars from many disciplines who are interested in exploring the current state of magazine research and possibly developing collaborative research projects. MtM7, like all preceding MtM conferences, is open to all scholars working in the broad field of magazine research.

Abstracts of 400 words for 20-minute papers are due by March 28th, 2022. Please submit abstracts via EasyChair Smart CFP. For instructions or to confirm receipt of your abstract, contact Successful applicants will be contacted by May 1st, 2022, and full papers will be due to the conference organizers by July 1, 2022. Completed papers should be double spaced and 5,000-8,000 words in length. Please use APA style and send the paper to

As in the past, papers will be delivered sequentially over the three days, not concurrently in separate streams, so attendees will be able to hear every presentation. Conference delegates are asked to commit to attending all papers. The registration fee is $35 – $50/attendee; free for students and invited keynote speakers.

The organizers are planning to publish an edited collection of essays based on selected papers given at the conference. Preference will be given to papers that address the conference theme of Magazines and the Moment. 

Contact for questions.